Faculty of Philosophy
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lomonosov Moscow State University

In graduate school philosophy department accepted foreign citizens with higher education. Enrollment in graduate school by the order of the rector of Moscow State University. Period of full-time graduate studies - 3 years of correspondence - 4 years.

Persons who have passed all or part of candidate examinations for admission to graduate school are exempt from entrance examinations relevant to address the admissions committee.

Entrance exams to graduate school are held during the school year from September 1 to May 15 of this year.

Admission to graduate school is based on the results of entrance examinations Paulsen contract for training.

All incoming graduate pass the following exams:

  • On philosophy
  • For foreign-language-Russian

Admission to graduate philosophy department of Moscow State University is conducted in the following specialties:

  • 09.00.01. Ontology and Theory of Knowledge
  • 09.00.03. History of Philosophy.
  • 09.00.04. Aesthetics.
  • 09.00.05. Ethics.
  • 09.00.07. Logic.
  • 09.00.08. Philosophy of science and technology.
  • 09.00.11. Social philosophy.
  • 09.00.13. Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture.
  • 09.00.14. Philosophy of religion and religious studies.
  • 23.00.01. The theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science.
  • 23.00.02. Political institutions, processes, and technology.
  • 23.00.03. Political culture and ideology.
  • 23.00.04. Political problems of international relations of the global and regional development.