Faculty of Philosophy
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Students enrolled in the Department, along with the history of philosophy, systematic philosophy, social philosophy, logic and methodology of science, aesthetics, ethics, develop a complex and strictly religious studies courses, as well as Latin, Greek and Church Slavonic.

Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious exercises Religious teaching of subjects in three versions:

  • for students of natural and human faculties, and the name of the content of courses is determined by the presentation of the Department of Scientific Councils and the faculty dean's office;
  • for students of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, students are not in the Department of Religious Studies and does not specialize in the department of philosophy of religion and religious studies, and other departments of the Faculty of Philosophy, - course "Philosophy of Religion";
  • for students majoring in the department, and with the opening of department of religious studies for students of this department - a number of courses of standards and curriculum of the direction of higher education.

The main areas of scientific research:

  • Philosophy of Religious Education, methodical support of teaching religious studies courses;
  • The theory of religion;
  • The religious philosophy;
  • Problems of religious dialogue and non-religious worldviews;
  • Freedom of thought in the history of culture.